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Twist Out Cancer: Featured Resource

We are always looking for new resources and communities that support and uplift patients. Today we are excited to introduce our friends at Twist Out Cancer.

Twist Out Cancer

Twist Out Cancer (TOC) is a support community….with a twist. Founded by 31-year-old lymphoma survivor Jenna Benn, TOC leverages social media to help survivors and their loved ones combat the feelings of isolation, loneliness, and helplessness that often accompany cancer diagnoses and treatment. TOC provides a forum through which anyone affected by cancer can share thoughts, experiences, stories, and insights, allowing for the exchange of ideas, encouragement, and wisdom from one community member to another.

Most importantly, each survivor is invited to create a profile page distinguishing his or her individual “twist” on cancer. This “twist” becomes a collection of videos, posts, songs, pictures, or other media gifted to the survivor by his or her loved ones and friends—it is a living, changing, active, and personalized digital legacy that encourages loved ones to give, and survivors to share.

Twist Out Cancer has the power to affect how we fight and heal, and change the way our community provides support. This community helps targets the commonly experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness by leveraging social media to create a global community of support.

To learn more about the organization and it mission see check out our video!

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