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Tips on GiveForward Payments

When a GiveForward fundraiser closes, the number one question is “where the heck is my money!?” Fear not, I am here to tell you all the secrets on how to get your GiveForward donations as quickly as possible! Fundraisers are paid out at the end of a fundraiser, either through a PayPal transfer or via check within 10 days after the page has closed. Admittedly this time frame is not as prompt or immediate as we would like it. However, with 4,500 active fundraisers on the site and around 575 fundraisers closing a week, our one-woman payout team (hi!) works as hard as possible to send payment before 10 days. Here are some tips on how to make sure your fundraiser is ready to go right as your fundraiser ends.

1. Make sure all of your information regarding the mailing address and beneficiary name is correct. The name we print on the check should be the beneficiary or someone who will be able to cash or deposit the check on their behalf. I have written countless checks to adorable pets who unfortunately don’t have the opposable thumbs to sign the check or have their own doggy bank account. Also, check the mailing address located in the “funds” tab on your dashboard to make sure the address is correct where we mail the check. We are happy to send the check directly to the beneficiary or anyone who would like to personally present it.

2. After handling payouts for over two years, I’ve noticed a trend – a majority of fundraisers close at the end of the month. This causes the queue of fundraisers to back up around the first week of each month, which causes a delay in getting payments sent out. I would recommend closing your fundraiser around the middle of the month when we aren’t so swamped!

3. Talk to us! We love you! We understand that there are situations where donations are needed sooner rather than later. We are more than happy to work with you to figure out the best course of action for you to take in order to receive your funds. Feel free to contact your Fundraising Coach or you can always email me directly at

Happy Fundraising!


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