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Testimonial – Kate Benjamin, Modern Cat Blog

modern cat logoWhen Modern Cat blogger Kate Benjamin found out that the Oasis de los Gatos cat shelter in Tucson, Arizona was being shut down, she knew she had to do something to help save the 52 cats living there.  A friend recommended starting a fundraising page GiveForward and luckily for those cats, Kate did.

Kate set up a fundraising page and within two weeks, she raised $3200 surpassing her fundraising goal of $3000.  Thanks to Kate, the readers of her blog who donated so generously and an army of volunteers, vets, vet techs and other supporters, all 52 cats are now receiving daily care and over 80% of the cats have been placed in foster homes, vet clinics, or have been transferred to another cat sanctuary in Tuscon where they will be cared for.

Here’s what Kate had to say about GiveForward on her blog, Modern Cat: “This is a terrific site where anyone can easily create a fund raising page for any kind of project. It is very easy to use and the people who run the site are helpful and wonderful to work with. I highly recommend GiveForward if you are looking to raise funds for a project.”

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