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New Way To Supercharge Your GiveForward Fundraisers: T-Shirts!

Everybody loves T-shirts. So use them to supercharge your fundraiser! Put the name of your fundraiser front and center on the T-shirt color of your choice, and then sell them to supporters and donors. Here is an example of how your team can use a t-shirt fundraiser to support your campaign.


GiveForward Team Supporting Fear Isn’t Real: Helping Joe Henson t-shirt fundraiser


When we first saw the Fear Isn’t Real fundraiser, and saw how its creators were using T-shirts as an additional way to raise funds, we realized that we could make that process simpler. You don’t have to make separate arrangements anymore or leave our site to go to another site, and then back again. Now it’s easy.

Just check your email. Because if you are a team captain you will be soon receiving an email from GiveForward that outlines the process of customizing and ordering your very own team-specific T-shirts. And thanks to our new partnership with, which we are announcing today, you can have complete confidence in the process because these folks are the best in the online T-shirt fulfillment business. The only requirement is that you have an actual GiveForward campaign set up. So do that first, then get an email from GiveForward about your new T-shirts opportunity and take it from there!

My co-founder Desiree Vargas Wrigley and I love T-shirts, so when asked to talk about this in a short video, we said “sure! …on one condition: we get to keep the shirts!”

We really hope you’ll see the value in this new way to super-charge your fundraisers! – Ethan

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