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Superhero Boy (and Justice League) Vanquish Villains after Car Crash

Superheros are not as uncommon as you would believe.  At GiveForward, we actually come across them every now and then.  This week’s staff pick fundraiser is about one the youngest and most courageous supers we have every seen.

At only three years old, Draek Warner is one brave little boy. He, his younger brother, and mom were in a terrible car crash.  They were able to escape through a broken window, but Draek was trapped in his car seat in the crushed side of the car. Thanks to the valiant effort of three strong men, he was rescued.  His fight had barely begun, however because his injuries were very serious.  Draek was in a coma for four days, and doctors told his parents that the outcome was grim.

But what they didn’t know was that Draek is actually a superhero (photographic evidence above), and a coma is just one more evil villain to conquer. A flex of his muscles and a showing of superior willpower vanquished that no-good coma once and for all and now Draek is ready to take on his next opponent, Recovery.

His parents face a different kind of villain, one nearly as vicious and daunting to fight as Draek’s enemies: medical bills and other out-of-pocket expenses. Draek had to be airlifted to Salt Lake City, and his parents have dropped everything to be by his side. Family and friends have formed a justice league in order rally support for Draek and his family.  Their internet headquarters, a fundraising page on GiveForward has garnered loads of virtual hugs, prayers and donations.

At the risk of revealing his secret superhero identity, Draek speaks about his harrowing tale on the page,

“Everyone has been helping and doing what they can. All my other Grandma’s and Grandpas and lots of aunts and uncles and my cousins have been here to see me too and let my Mom and Dad know how much they care about all of us. My family who lives too far away is calling every day to check on me and everyone is saying prayers for me to get better. Please keep ’em coming! I have a long way to go.”

Everyone here at GiveForward is sending the Draek and his family positive vibes during their time of need. Please take a minute to read Draek’s  secret missive and send some love and support, because a superhero’s powers can grow exponentially with help of friends.

Whose world will you change?