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Rebecca Fights Ovarian Cancer Story

Rebecca and Family

Finding out you have cancer can be a lot of things. Mind numbing. Shocking. Stressful. Scary. Rebecca shared with us her ovarian cancer story, her fight, and her motivational advice to others fighting cancer. She first shared how she found out about her cancer, “When I first found out was on my birthday. I am a stylist so I had told the doctor just to call me. He called me when I was finishing up my client. I finished her up, put close on my business, and started crying.” Everyone’s reactions to a diagnosis can be different, but it’s important to express your emotions, like Rebecca did. Holding it all in can sometimes just make you feel even worse.

In addition to the diagnosis, cancer brings many, many more hardships. “The greatest battle was with my kids because their father is not around. They were always wondering ‘why is mommy sick?’ ‘Why mommy’s hair is falling out?’ ‘Why can’t mom take us to school sometimes?’,” Rebecca shared. These battles are difficult, but with the right mindset and support, they are just a small bump in the road. Support is one of the most important things during a time of hardship, like cancer. People who you can turn to, depend on, and talk to when you need the help can make a world of a difference. It may be family, it may be friends, or a church family; whoever it is, make sure you find your form of support.

“My biggest support was my family and my kids’ school. Homedale elementary school. They helped a lot with the kids, helping with food,” said Rebecca. Going through cancer alone is something no one should have to do. Like Rebecca, seek out support. You will be surprised how happy people are to help out!

So how do you keep a positive mindset? How do you find the energy to keep fighting and to keep going everyday? “Just keep your head up and always smile. No one would know I am battling cancer unless I told them. I’m always smiling and very happy. I never wanted to live in the negative because if you do, that’s where you will stay,” Rebecca shared. Her positive attitude is inspiring, and it rings true for facing hardships. A positive mindset can not only make your days better, but it will keep you motivated. Motivation is key when dealing with a sickness that demands so much physical and mental strength. Rebecca also advised, “Wake up, smile, and say it will be a good day. When I do, it always is.”

As I said before, people are always willing to help if you reach out. Rebecca shared with us what one of her amazing supporters did to help her, “They paid my water and light bill. An anonymous donor. I went to pay them, but they said it was taken care of.” This world is filled with amazing people; you would be surprised how much they will do for you if you ask for a little help.

If you would like to see more of Rebecca’s story, you can visit her GiveForward page here.

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