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Raising Money for Happy Feet

Sam Eaton is one of a kind, in every sense of the word, as he has a rare 16th chromosomal genetic abnormality that has no other documented cases. As a result of his condition, he suffers from hypotonia, static encephalopathy, severe speech apraxia, and bilateral skew foot; and he wants to just have “happy feet”.

His friends and family created Sam’s Happy Feet on GiveForward to raise funds for his orthopedic surgery to make his feet happy again, and free of the casts that he is forced to wear.  Without the surgery, he was looking at a lifetime of worsening pain and risking the ability to walk. In addition to the care he has been receiving since birth for his feet, he receives regular speech, occupational and physical therapy.  But that sam's happy feetdoesn’t stop him from being a carefree, loving, and contagiously happy little boy.

The outpouring of love and support that the community has shown for Sam has given the Eaton family the hope and financial freedom to make sure Sam has “no mo’ boo boo feet”, as he says. Please take a moment to look at the wonderful words of encouragement (and adorable pictures) on their fundraising page and send some virtual hugs their way.

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