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Raising Money After An Accident

At the GiveForward headquarters, we talk about two things, and two things only: pizza and/or puppies. In our minds, these puppies are picturesque, and most likely wearing a silly sweater or encapsulated in a YouTube video.

However, sometimes there are not-so-nice dogs in the world, and unfortunately 4 year old Levi had to find this out the hard way after suffering from a vicious dog attack. Levi’s story is so inspiring, and seeing the amount of love and support his friends and family are showing him on his GiveForward page resulted in his fundraiser being picked as staff pick of the week!

One day, 4 year old Levi was outside in his yard playing frisbee with his two older brothers when the frisbee landed next to his neighbors fence, which contained 6 dogs. When Levi bent down to pick up the frisbee, two dogs attacked, and attempted to pull him through the fence.

Luckily, his brothers are superheroes in training, and were able to call for help and grab Levi away from the dogs. Levi sustained injuries to his eye, nose, check, jaw, shoulder, and arm.

Doctors are unsure if Levi will be able to regain the use of his right arm and his right eye, and they had to rebuild his entire nasal cavity. Levi’s family is raising money for ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

We encourage you to check out Levi’s page on GiveForward and send some love his way!

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