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These preemie triplets are defying all odds

On Thursday, October 8th, the Blake Triplets made a very early debut.


Andrew, the smallest triplet, wasn’t moving and his amniotic fluid was almost gone. His parents, Adam and Lauren, made the difficult decision to go into delivery despite the risks involved.

Within the next hour, Andrew, his identical twin brother, Beau, and their sister, Grace, were born — months before their January 4th due date. Andrew weighed in at one pound 12 ounces, Beau at two pounds five ounces, and Grace at two pounds even.

In the past two weeks, the triplets have made amazing progress as their tiny bodies adapt to the world. Grace’s heart murmur has moved from “large” to “small,” Andrew’s trying to catch up to his siblings’ weights, and Beau’s digesting better every day.

While the Blake Triplets face months in the NICU, their community’s coming together to support them. Families are also sharing personal preemie stories to show the Blakes they’re not alone.

Send a “Thinking of You” note to the Blake Triplets today and welcome them to the world.

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