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Patient Advocacy: The Karis Group

Karis Group Logo-Patient Advocacy Experts

Medical Bill Mediation

With medical bills causing such a high rate of bankruptcy and overwhelming stress for numerous individuals and families today, we wanted to spotlight an organization we are proud to work with – The Karis Group. Their “patient advocacy process” helps patients by offering medical bill mediation services to obtain reduced medical bills from the hospital.

The Karis Group’s patient advocate-driven mission was born out of a deep desire to help those facing dire financial times due to medical expenses. According to their patient advocacy page, “We started Karis because we knew all too well that major medical insurance was simply out of reach for so many Americans. In some cases, it is because they do not qualify. In other cases, it is because premiums are simply unaffordable.”

Personalized Patient Advocacy

With The Karis Group, you are connected to a personal advocate who helps by taking over the burden of stressful health care situations, reaching out directly to your providers on your behalf. The Karis Group’s Advocates understand what it takes to help families who are struggling with their medical bills and they do so with care and compassion.

While collaborating with The Karis Group is a natural fit for GiveForward given their commitment to helping families navigate a medical crisis, we are also inspired by their remarkable success. On average, they reduce 3 out of 4 medical bills with an average savings of 40% to 70% depending on each family’s financial situation. Since its founding in 1996, The Karis Group has negotiated over 70,000 individual bills and has saved clients hundreds of millions of dollars.

How to Begin

Karis will charge $1 to begin the patient advocacy process (a significant discount for families/individuals using GiveForward!)

If you have over $1,000 in out-of-pocket medical expenses, we strongly encourage you to visit Medical Bill Mediation to fill out the application and one of The Karis Group’s advocates will contact you promptly (usually within 24 hours) to begin the process. They will have you sign a form, as they are fully HIPPA compliant, to gather the necessary information to determine if your medical bills can be lowered.

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