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Online Garage Sale Fundraising

Inventory ideas for an online garage sale

The Garage Sale Goes Virtual!

Holding an online garage sale, as part of your fundraising, is the modern way to clean out your closets (basement, crawlspace, attic etc.) while also supporting a great cause. There are many benefits in doing so, especially because folks who buy items at garage sales, as well as on the Internet, go beyond your own network; you will immediately expand on your pool of potential donors.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

  1. Get everyone involved: if your friends and family have already contributed to your fundraiser, this is an excellent way to sustain your fundraising momentum. Encourage your network to continue supporting your fundraising efforts by donating items to sell, capturing images of inventory or assisting with the management of listings.
  2. Get creative with your sale items: if you have a special skill or talent when it comes to making goods, don’t be shy, go for the sale!  Why not try selling those yarn & button dolls that you have been making in your spare time.
  3. Get tech-savvy with your outlets: the beauty of online garage sales is that you are not limited to a one-weekend event nor do you have to open your garage up to the public: going virtual gives you endless possibilities. Here are a few of our favorite online resources for selling goods: Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Craigslist, eBay or
  4. Get personal about your cause: now that you are making the most of the Internet, there is an awesome opportunity to link your GiveForward fundraiser to your online garage sale and show everyone the amazing inspiration behind your efforts. When people know that their payment is going to help such an extraordinary cause, they will be more inspired and compelled to contribute.

In-Person Garage Sale Benefits

While we love the idea of going virtual, let’s also not forget about the effectiveness of good old-fashioned yard sales. This type of sale works well if you have sufficient resources in and around your neighborhood to tap into (i.e. family and friends, community centers, churches etc. anxious to show their support). One GiveForward fundraiser had so much success with their in-person garage sale that their friends held another one for them just a few weeks later! In-person garage sales also work wonderfully for:

  • Meeting new people in your community
  • Explaining in-depth and face-to-face who and what your fundraising proceeds are going to benefit
  • Handing out flyers or other materials about your fundraising efforts
  • Dusting off and sharpening your trusty salesperson skills to sell, sell, sell!

If you are thinking about holding an in-person or online garage sale, you have our full support. Just as previous GiveForward fundraisers have found success doing so, we know you can benefit immensely from such efforts. Best of luck to you and rest assured that we will be crossing our fingers for good weather! Please feel free to share the details of your successful event with us, like this fundraiser did as well!

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