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Online Fundraising: Where does the money go?

Online fundraising with sites like GiveForward has become an amazing resource for people to rally a community together in the wake of a tragedy like the Colorado shooting.  But the power of online fundraising can also raise some concerns.  Recently, families of the victims of the shooting have asked a very legitimate question – why they weren’t included in the decision to distribute the millions of dollars collected online after the shooting?

During a press conference addressing their concerns the families were represented by Tom Teves, father of Alex Teves who was killed during the shootings.  Mr. Teves asked why the families weren’t involved when the names and faces of their loved one were used to raise more than $5 million by online charities.  This question is not only fair, but one that needs to be asked by both people fundraising and people giving to online fundraisers and it is a question that we hope everyone using our site asks.

One of the most powerful things about online fundraising is that it can mobilize millions and do it quickly, but there is also a responsibility that comes along with these powerful platforms.  The initial motivation for GiveForward grew from our CEO’s desire to be able to directly help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, rather than donating to a non-profit.

Our goal at GiveForward has always been to help individuals.  That is why we provide a platform that empowers communities to rally around their loved ones and send help directly to them, rather than to a third party on behalf of their loved ones.

We take the responsibility of helping our users very seriously and it is why we are so passionate about helping people like Mr. Wolfson, and the victims of the Colorado shootings.  We know that the friends and family of the beneficiary didn’t rally together to give to an organization, they rallied together to give to their loved one and we are honored to be the medium through which they choose to give.

To that end, we are glad that Mr. Teves and the families of the Aurora shooting victims are asking questions and we encourage all who are giving or fundraising online to ask those questions as well.  We’ll always be here to answer.

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