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Nurse Appreciation Week

Nurse Appreciation week starts on May 6th and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the woman widely known for being the founder of modern nursing. In honor of the compassion, dedication, and selfless effort of the millions of nurses nationwide, GiveForward wants to celebrate and high five nurses everywhere this week for the amazing work they provide seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Do you have a story about a nurse who gave you exceptional care? My mother is a nurse. When I was a child I loathed it – she always knew when I was faking sick to stay home from school. As an adult I am so incredibly appreciative of her empathy and knowledge. She’s one phone call away to give me solid advice instead of having to fall into the deep dark pits of searching symptoms on the internet.

While many of the users with fundraisers on GiveForward encounter nurses regularly, there are times when nurses need a GiveForward page. Meet Nurse Kelly. When she fell ill, she needed an expensive antibiotic. She turned to her friends and family to receive support and donations through a GiveForward page. Kelly writes, “I hope that with this campaign it will allow me the ability to continue a personal mission and that is advocating for a “healthier” health care system, advocating for the people we serve and fellow health care professionals.” We are sending you the best, Kelly!

Another nurse in need on GiveForward is Mark Stanford. an ER nurse. In a one day, friends and family rallied around Mark to raise over $1,000! Mark was so excited (wouldn’t you be?!) and while chatting with a fundraising coach he shared “My team captain, Colleen, sells houses. And if she can do that, she can sell this fundraiser. I can’t believe what she pulled off overnight! I mean, good god, this is amazing that people do this.” Congratulations Mark!

Make sure to thank and let the nurse in your life know how wonderful they are!

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