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Moffitt Cancer Center

Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute is an innovative and fast-growing hospital located in Tampa, Florida. According to the National Cancer Institute, Moffitt Cancer Center “is dedicated to a singular mission: to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer and today is recognized as a leader in the discovery, translation, and delivery of personalized cancer care and prevention.”

When facing the uncertainty and fear of a cancer diagnosis, Moffitt Cancer Center’s tagline, “Your best chance for beating cancer,” is obviously very appealing. However, treatments and studies at a leading institution like Moffitt Cancer Center can understandably result in higher costs; offering its patient-centric Total Cancer Care and maintaining an Integrated Mathematical Oncology Department (featured in Newsweek) comes at a price.

So how do patients balance the care they deserve and the care they can afford? Many are creating online fundraising pages to bridge this gap and successfully pursue treatments at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Moffitt Cancer Center Fundraisers

Moffitt Cancer Center Brian HartDoctors first diagnosed Brian Hart with leukemia in 2008. After two initial chemotherapy treatments turned ineffective, Brian’s oncologist advised him and his wife to relocate to Chicago or Orlando–both cities with leading leukemia researchers. Shortly after moving to Orlando, Brian’s third chemo drug stopped working. Unphased by this setback, Brian is now participating in a drug study at Moffitt Cancer Center (he is one of only 350 patients selected world-wide).

Moffitt Cancer Center Karen KrsticevicKaren Krsticevic’s cancer journey started with misdiagnoses of both the common flu and mono. Since then, she’s endured a grueling, 24/7 chemotherapy regimen, constant battles against her insurance company, and even a false promise of remission. When her oncologist in Ft. Lauderdale discouragingly told her he wasn’t sure how to proceed with treatment, Moffitt Cancer Center offers a potential bone marrow transplant as hope.

Moffitt Cancer Center Holly GarzaHolly Garza’s cervical cancer diagnosis came immediately after the premature birth of her son. While enduring a 70-day stay in the NICU, Holly and her family also coped with the uncertainty of her condition. Initially, her oncologist identified the cancer as slow-moving and noninvasive; however, when the Garzas relocated to Tampa and consulted Moffitt Cancer Center, Holly learned she needed a hysterectomy. After that surgery, a recurrence, and intense treatment, Holly is now cancer-free!


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