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Mobile Giving Explained

Mobile Giving Explained

Mobile giving is simply donating to a cause or an individual through a mobile device. Mobile donations have been soaring in the last few years as more people have access to mobile devices and the technology has become more secure.

Mobile giving can come in two forms: SMS donations and mobile website giving.

SMS Mobile Donating

SMS mobile giving is donating through a text message. Mobile phone users can make a donation by texting a keyword to a specific number or short code. The donation will then be added to the donors monthly phone bill.

While the use of SMS mobile giving has risen, so have concerns. Some service providers may charge fees or take a percentage of the donation, resulting in less being given to the cause or organization. Additionally, mobile donations can take as long as 120 days to reach the actual cause or organization a person intends to support. Finally in extreme cases, scam-artists have set up fraudulent SMS mobile giving codes and pocketed donations for personal use.

Mobile Giving on GiveForward

Mobile Website Giving

The second, and most secure way of giving on a mobile device, is to donate on a webpage that is built for mobile visitors.  On a mobile website, the donation is just as secure as donating from a website accessed via a desktop or laptop computer.  Often a visitor will be able to clearly see where the donation will go, and will then enter credit card information on the page to complete the donation.

Mobile giving websites also have the advantage of being integrated with Facebook and other social media sites, allowing users to share the news that they’ve donated, ultimately getting more people to support the fundraiser.

GiveForward Makes Mobile Giving Easy

All fundraisers on GiveForward support mobile website giving because we believe it is the safest way to donate from a phone. Our brand new mobile checkout is designed to making giving on your phone even easier.  If you have an active fundraiser, or are looking to start one, please let your supporters know that donating can be as easy as picking up a phone!

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