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Mike’s Glioblastoma Story

Mike's Glioblastoma Story

What goes through your mind when you are diagnosed with cancer? Is there a normal way to feel? No. Mike was diagnosed with glioblastoma, and his wife Amy shared their journey together throughout his glioblastoma story. “When he first got the diagnosis of a glioblastoma (brain tumor) he felt a little scared, but mostly wanted all the facts. His main concern was if I was going to be ok,” she shared.

With cancer, comes struggle and hardship. Dealing with all of the stress and challenges that cancer brings can make the fight that much harder. Amy shared, “One of the greatest hardships has been worrying about the bills getting paid as Mike is not able to work. I am working as much as I can, but my greatest hardship is having to be away from him so that at least one of us is working. Knowing the days are numbered, but not knowing how many is very difficult.”

How do you combat these hardships? Hope and support. “We are really hoping to be able to get him into a clinical trial at some point in the very near future. That is the best hope medically for this kind of tumor. We get a lot of comfort from our faith and prayer! We have a close knit church family that has been so supportive in so many ways. My boss has been extremely supportive as well. I work with a great group of people who are genuinely compassionate of our situation,” Amy shared.

So how can you get through it? Amy shared some advice for others who are dealing with a similar situation to her and Mike’s, “My best advice for someone going through this is to take one day at a time. Enjoy the good days as much as you can. Get through the bad days with rest and know that they won’t all be bad. Love each other. Have the hard talks that no one wants to have. It is necessary and it puts everyone’s mind at ease. Try not to take things personally if it’s your spouse. They can’t help it if they are a little slower to process thoughts than they used to be. Be patient. We know that God has a plan, we just don’t know what that plan is yet.”

Finally, Amy shared with us some of the best support she and Mike have gotten during this time. Letting people in and letting them help can be one of the most beneficial things you do for yourself during this time. She shared, “The best thing that people have done for us, besides prayer, is just coming in and helping out. One of our dear friends took matters in her own hands and asked everyone to go through her to see what could be done for us. She saved us from endless phone calls, texts, and visits from well meaning people while we were, and still are, trying to figure all of this out. The monetary donations have been very helpful as our income has decreased a good bit. People bringing over meals has also been a huge help. If you find yourself in a similar situation, let people help. They really want to and it takes some of the pressure off. It is ok to tell people when you are not up for company. They will understand more than you think they will. We are extremely humbled by the love and support we have received during this time. Words could never express our gratitude. God bless!”

If you would like to learn more about Mike’s glioblastoma story, you can visit his GiveForward page here.

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