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Michelle shares cancer journey with “One Way” film

“My life has been narrowed down to a pinpoint of what’s important. And I can name it on one hand.”

Michelle Grinsel is a devoted wife and mother of two who lives in California. She cherishes moments spent with her family, especially when they’re outdoors together.

Even though family and nature were always important to Michelle, she didn’t always make them priorities. Michelle, like many others, was distracted by what she describes as “the disease of chronic busyness.”


Michelle’s cancer journey reminds us about what truly matters.

In 2013, after learning she had breast cancer, Michelle started focusing more on enjoying life and the people she loves. When faced with a life-threatening illness, she realized that acquiring physical things is trivial — instead, the sound of her daughters laughing and the way the warm sun feels on her skin are what truly matter.

So Michelle is sharing her cancer journey through a film called One Way: A Journey to This Moment.

She reminds us that regardless of our circumstances, we can choose our attitude, overcome adversity, and make the most of our time here on Earth.

To learn more about Michelle Grinsel and follow her cancer journey, you can visit her GiveForward Page or website.

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