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Martin’s Brain Cancer Story

Martin and family

Tracey, daughter of Martin, shared with us her fathers brain cancer story and what they have all gone through as a family. The cancer journey starts with the diagnosis, and Tracey opened up about her feelings when she received her father’s diagnosis, “When we received Martin’s (my fathers) diagnosis he had just undergone brain surgery to remove the tumor the Neurologist found in his MRI.  The tumor they removed was sent off for biopsy and we were nervous to get the results back. We prayed and remained positive that the biopsy would come back as benign. After waiting days which seemed like weeks my mother told me the tumor was cancerous. My heart dropped… I felt numb and helpless. Many questions immediately began to flood through my mind like…’How did this happen? How long had the tumor been there? Why did this have to happen to someone so strong? What happens next? How can we fight this?’ From that point on I knew that my family’s lives would instantly change.”

Tracey and her family’s lives did change, and she shared with us what hardships followed her father’s diagnosis. “The hardest part of dealing with brain cancer is seeing your loved one slow down and not being able to do the things they love. My father knew everything there was to know about construction, building race cars, and hunting. If there was something Martin didn’t know he was reading and doing research to find out. The cancer in his brain slowly took away his ability to read, write, build, think and communicate properly. It’s been very hard to watch the old Martin fade away day by day. My mother has also given all of her time to be with my father. Taking him to appointment after appointment and waiting day after day to get test results. It has taken a toll on her and has left them struggling financially.”

As the brain cancer slowly takes away Martin’s functionality, both he and the rest of his family need support. Tracey shared with us the support that she and the rest of her family find comfort in when facing this battle with Martin, “The comfort we have received during Martin’s battle is knowing that my father wants to fight to beat this type of cancer. He has not given up, even when the doctors have told him there is no cure. Everyday he wakes up and faces the day with a positive attitude which can be very hard some days. My family could not of gone through this without the support of our family and friends. They have been incredible throughout the past year with their help and constant prayers.”

Going through this battle, Tracey has learned a lot, and has provided some advice for others who are going through a similar difficult situation, “‘Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.’ -Unknown. For anyone going through a similar battle I would tell them to spend as much time with your family and loved ones. Everyday is precious and should be treated as a gift. Try not to be consumed by anger or stress. Take everyday as it comes and take on every challenge one by one. It helps when things get overwhelming.”

When going through a difficult time, the people who love and care about you show that when supporting you. Tracey shared with us how the people who surround her supported her during this difficult journey with Martin, “The nicest thing that people have done has been to come and visit Martin. He enjoys knowing that people love and care about him. He loves the attention and the company. It’s amazing how the little things matter so much to him. He enjoys every minute being surrounded by the people he loves.”

If you would like to learn more about Martin’s journey with brain cancer, you can visit his GiveForward page here.

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