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Brad Feld to Run 29 Run Marathons for People in Need

Fundraising and marathons – they go hand in hand.  But one marathoner and philanthropist, Brad Feld, is taking it to the next level, promising $145,000 to people in need who have out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Brad Feld is running 29 marathons (or 759.8 miles), and in the process, raising money for 29 people in need on GiveForward.

Brad Feld is widely known as an investor and entrepreneur, but he’s also a dedicated philanthropist. While he has promised to run 29 marathons and donate $5,000 per marathon to 29 people in need, he is also challenging others to match his $5,000 gift.

The first challenge has already started! Brad Feld wants to raise $10,000 ($5,000 from him, $5,000 from others) for Justin Salcedo by May 31st.  Justin, a young man from Devine Texas, is battling testicular cancer.  And Brad Feld has joined the fight and is challenging others to do the same (read more about how one friend’s experience motivated Brad Feld to help people in need dealing with a cancer diagnosis).

Here at GiveForward, we have a number of marathoners on staff (please see Ethan’s Bananaman costume for more details) and we can’t think of a more inspiring way to not only help people in need but to also shine a light on the struggles of families dealing with a medical crisis.  Brad Feld, we offer you this virtual high-five by way of thanks.

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