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Making New Friends at the Hospital

Ashley and Tony making new friends

Making new friends can happen in the least likely of places. After Ashley was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma, she needed to spend much of her time at All Children’s Hospital for various treatments.  While there, she met Tony Colton, who was also going through treatments.  Tony was receiving treatments for Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidney.

Going through treatments brought them together and helped solidify their friendship.

When Ashley was re diagnosed with a new cancer this past September, Tony knew that the medical expenses would start piling up.  So he got creative and started raising money in any way he could.  He started organizing a bunch of offline events, like yard sales and car washes, along with a GiveForward page for Ashley.

Having gone through cancer himself, Tony understood how expensive treatments can be.  Most kids at 13 wouldn’t even have to think about medical expenses, but here was Tony, doing everything he could to help raise money for his new friend Ashley.

In just 4 months, Tony raised $16,500 for Ashley on his GiveForward page.  Those donations were able to help Ashley and her family keep up with co-pays, medications, and other expenses that insurance doesn’t cover.

Tony's car wash to raise money for Ashley

So when Tony found out that his cancer had returned in February, Ashley knew she had to do something.  She decided to create a page for Tony to help out.

While making new friends at a hospital is perhaps not the most conventional place to find friendship, Ashley and Tony’s story proves how even during some of life’s most difficult times, wonderful things are happening all around us!

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