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Lynn’s Experimental Treatment Story

Lynn and daughter

What do you do when someone tells you that there is no hope left to save your life? How is that supposed to make you feel, knowing that the doctors have done all that they can, so they basically give up? Lynn, who is fighting glioblastoma, was told these exact words. She was sent home because the doctors had done all they could do. Did Lynn give up? No! Lynn shared with us her experimental treatment story as she continues to fight for her life. Lynn’s community on GiveForward is raising money and awareness so that she can get an experimental treatment that may save her life.

Lynn started at the beginning and shared with us her experience when receiving the diagnosis that changed her life, “I was numb at first. And then scared. What was really scary was the type of cancer and how aggressive it is. I knew it was really bad news. But I’m a glass half full person, so I was grateful for all the good health I had until then. And I was grateful that I got a chance to say my goodbyes. And then I thought, ‘I wonder what this is going to be used for.’ I wondered what lessons would be taught from this experience.” Lynn’s optimism with the situation is truly inspiring, and something to look up to, especially in the face with all that she is dealing with.

Her form of cancer, like all cancer, comes with many other hardships as wLynn's daughterell, and Lynn shared a few of the greatest ones with us, “Watching my daughters care for me. They are in their 20s and they’ve sacrificed everything to be here with me. The other really hard part was giving up control. I’m a single woman. I own my own business. I run my own life. And then suddenly, I had zero control over what happened to me. I couldn’t even take care of myself and I had to give over to the people around me.”

When going through battles like the ones Lynn is dealing with, support is vital. Finding people, an outlet, or a belief that supports you can make all the difference when facing a mountainous battle. Lynn shared her outlet of support, “My belief in a bigger plan has been really comforting during the scarier moments. It’s not always clear why, but I believe things happen for a reason.”

So, with all of her experiences dealing with this cancer and the battles it brought into her life, Lynn shared with us some advice for others who are facing a similar situation. “I don’t know if I would call it advice, but when I came out of brain surgery it was very clear to me that all that matters is who you loved, how you loved them, and that you were of service to other people. I believe that’s what we are here for and I had the comfort of knowing I had loved well.”

Lynn also shared, “Go to the arboretum! After being in rehab for about a month and being stuck in a cold building, to be outside with the sunshine and sparkly water was just wonderful. And very healing. Nature can be so healing.”

Finally, Lynn provided us with an experience with someone who she loves. People care about you so much, and when you are going through a hard time, they show that! She shared one of the nicest things someone did for her when dealing with this experience, “My youngest daughter Alex wrote me a song when she first heard of my diagnosis. She named it “My Mother’s Daughter” and it was very special to know how much I’m loved.”

If you would like to learn more about Lynn’s story and her journey for an experimental treatment, you can visit her GiveForward page here.


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