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Lila May has a one of a kind birthday party

Lila May Schow

Lila May celebrated her fifth birthday, prom, and wedding — all at once.

Lila May’s fifth birthday party had much of what you’d expect: birthday cake, princess-themed decor, and pastel balloons.

But weeks before her birthday, Lila May’s doctors told her parents some heartbreaking news: Lila May, who has been battling neuroblastoma since she was two, is no longer able to receive treatments. Doctors don’t expect Lila May to see her sixth birthday.

With this news, Lila May’s parents decided to plan an unforgettable event. After their community chipped in resources and ideas, a birthday party transformed into much more — it became Lila May’s prom and wedding, too. It was everything a little girl could imagine and want.

At her celebration, Lila arrived in a horse-drawn carriage to a castle, where she played with her favorite princesses (like Elsa and Cinderella) and danced with her dad. She wore a shimmery, blue dress instead of a hospital gown, and posed for professional photos instead of scans. She looked like a beautiful princess.

Lila got a break from the unfair life she’s been living and took a glimpse into the fairytale she deserves that day.

Want her party to continue? Post a hug on Lila’s Page today.

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