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Let’s help #EmilyTeachEllen some new dance moves



We have written about National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month previously on GiveForward, and the importance of this month for so many families.   This year our goal is to continue to raise awareness, and to change the life of one little girl as she continues to battle the disease.

That special little girl is Emily, a 3-year-old girl with a big heart who loves to dance.  Emily also has leukemia.  Her treatments have taught her to be tough and strong and often while waiting for treatment, she has enjoyed watching Ellen learn new dance moves on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Now Emily thinks she can teach Ellen some great new moves.  Please help us get her there by retweeting #EmilyTeachEllen and sharing this with your friends.  We want to help a special little girl live her dream, and raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

Emily is a bright and beautiful child, but unfortunately her battle with cancer is not unique.  Almost 13,000 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year.  Even more sobering, the causes of pediatric cancer are still largely unknown.

We can help shine a light on Childhood Cancer to raise awareness, increase early detection, and improve every child’s odds of survival.  Already our efforts have made a difference.  Researchers from around the world continue to explore new therapies and discover the root causes of the disease.   These efforts have increased the 5 year survival rate for all childhood cancers from less than 50 percent to 80 percent over the past several decades.  And, we can do even better!

Help us spread the word!  Share Emily and her story with friends and family.  Tweet and retweet #EmilyTeachEllen.  And continue to be a voice and supporting hand to the thousands of children, families and communities touched by cancer.

Whose world will you change?