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Lauryn’s Lymphoma Story

Lauryn's Lymphoma Story

Lauryn, a soon to be high school freshman, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Her mother, Jana, opened up about Lauryn’s lymphoma story and journey with cancer. Jana started at the beginning of their cancer story, the diagnosis. “Lauryn had a previous injury on her leg that didn’t seem to heal.  When we went to our appointment with the orthopedic doctor, we expected to hear that she had a torn ligament or a stress fracture.  When he referred us to an orthopedic oncologist, we felt the world crumbling down on us.  As parents, our hearts were breaking for our oldest daughter.  We knew about the hardships that she would have to endure, and she would no longer be a care-free 14-year-old entering her freshman year in high school.  She would have to fight to get her health back.”

With your oldest child going through cancer, it can put a lot of strain on the family as a whole. Hardships are an inevitable side-effect to cancer, and Jana shared some of the difficulties she deals with, “Some of the hardest hardships throughout this battle have been dealing with the emotions from Lauryn and her two younger siblings, Emily and Dylan.  Lauryn is very intelligent and has many questions.  We want to shield her from negativity.  Emily is 10 (almost 11) and is having a difficult time with the shift of our attention to Lauryn and her recovery.  Dylan, who is 7, has a difficult time understanding what cancer is and why his sister is going through this right now.  The financial strain of wanting to provide the best medical care for your child is difficult as well.  With every hospital procedure (3 so far), our deductible is at least $2,300.  We have been blessed to have family and friends donate toward her medical costs which are quickly adding up.”

How do you deal with these hardships? Support, support, support! Jana shared, “Our prayer warriors have provided the most support during Lauryn’s battle.  When she was first diagnosed, we originally were told she had either osteosarcoma or Ewing’s sarcoma.  Final test results showed B-cell Lymphoma which is a more treatable type of cancer.  Then we were faced with the possibility that her cancer may be in her lymph nodes, lungs, or liver.  Once again, God showed us mercy and her cancer is contained in her tibia bone.”

For others going through a similar situation, Jana provided advice, “It is difficult to reach out to others when your child has been diagnosed with cancer, but it is our family and friends around us that lift us up and support us. When Lauryn was first diagnosed, we immediately thought that we might lose our little girl.  As the days have progressed and the clouds have lifted, we see hope and admire our fighting girl.  For someone else who is faced with this diagnosis, I would tell them to hold on to hope and wait for the clouds to lift.  The sun will begin to shine again.”

Letting people in is key to finding a clarity in all the craziness that cancer brings. Jana shared one of the kindest moments of support she’s had since dealing with this life changing diagnosis, “We have had an abundance of prayer, positive text messages, monetary support, and small gifts.  Lauryn has had a box full of books (she is an avid reader) shipped to her, a fruit basket from our pediatrician to let her know she is thinking of her, a “sunshine” basket from her 4th grade teacher full of little presents to open everyday during her treatment to provide a little bit of sunshine everyday, and friends visit to talk and play games (or even eat yummy cupcakes).  We are blessed to have so many people around us to lift her up and keep her fighting!”

If you would like to learn more about Lauryn’s lymphoma story, you can visit her GiveForward page here.

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