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Krystal’s Cervical Cancer Story

Krystal and her Step-daughter

Cancer isn’t easy, and being diagnosed with it can flip your world upside down. Krystal shared with us her cervical cancer story, and the diagnosis that changed her life. “When I was first diagnosed I was flooded with all different emotions. Shock, Sadness, Scared, but in a way I was also relieved. Relieved that I finally had an answer to why I was in so much pain. I had been in a lot of pain and been to doctor after doctor for a couple of years, so I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know what. I would have to say that the emotion I felt most was defeat. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for about 7 years, had seen a couple of specialist and still had not been successful. So hearing the news that I had cervical cancer and that now my chances of ever having a child of my own was even slimmer just left this overwhelming feeling of defeat. I couldn’t  stop thinking, ‘what had I done so wrong in my life that God was punishing me for’, ‘Maybe I just wasn’t the mothering type.’ All these questions started flooding my mind all at once. That will be a day I will never forget, ” she shared.

The battle of cancer also brings many other hardships with it. Krystal shared with us her greatest hardship when facing cervical cancer, “For me the greatest hardship has been trying to help my husband understand what I’m feeling and going through as a woman. Trying to help him understand how defeated I feel as a woman in general, by not being able to do the things that a wife does for her husband. How do I make him still feel like he’s wanted? He knows I need him more now than ever but does he feel wanted as a man and as my husband, not just my care taker.”

With hardships, comes support. Support can come in many forms, and Krystal shared with us her support during her battle, “When I married my husband 8 years ago I gained a beautiful stepdaughter. She has been my greatest comfort and support through this whole ordeal. She is only 13 but she has lived with us since we got married, so in many ways she is my child. She is 13 and since all this has happened she has been right by my side. She has been to every dr. apt. with me, she has made me laugh when all I wanted to do is cry, and she has really made me feel like I’m going to be ok! I’m going to make it through this and come out even stronger than I was going in.”

Krystal shared with us some insight and advice for others who are going through cancer, or any other difficult time, “You know, I don’t have any great words of wisdom to give out or some quote that I’ve been told or can remember.  The way I see it is that one day everyone is going to die, rather you have Cancer or not. So regardless of your health or finances or whatever it may be, always live for today! No one is promised tomorrow! Live today as though it is your last day here on this earth. Always make sure your loved ones know without a doubt how much you love and care for them. Always show your neighbor love and kindness, and just try to be the best person you can be. Don’t take things so seriously. Learn to enjoy the moment.  That’s probably the thing I have learned the most through all this, is to just stop and look around, enjoy every moment as it comes.”

Finally, Krystal shared with us how this experience has impacted her. She shared, “I never thought in a million years that I would be 31 years old with cancer and infertility issues. Growing up I always pictured the perfect life. You know the one most every little girl dreams of, Great husband, Great job, Beautiful house in a lovely picture perfect neighborhood with the white picket fence, beautiful children, and the family dog. But then life happened and it doesn’t look anything like that but I have to say it turned out to be pretty perfect just the way it is. I have an Amazing husband, beyond beautiful stepdaughter, a home with lots of wonderful memories, and even a pain in the butt dog that I wouldn’t trade for anything. My life may look like a mess to some but to me it’s my Beautiful Mess and I am proud of it…”

If you would like to learn more about Krystal’s cervical cancer story, you can visit her GiveForward page here.

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