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Kelsey and Tyler’s IVF Story


Kelsey and Tyler wanted a family, and they shared their story with us as they went through the IVF process. Kelsey shared their emotional and financial journey as they went through the process as well as the support they received during their IVF story. “My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for 7 years.  We have had every test we can get to figure out why we can’t get pregnant, but unfortunately, we fall into the small percentage of couple with “unexplained infertility”.  After trying every other option, we finally decided to give it one last shot by doing IVF.  However, fertility treatments are very expensive, and the $15,000 price tag on an IVF cycle was not only overwhelming, but completely debilitating.  We knew we would have to sacrifice a lot to afford this, but even with all our money, we would still not be able to afford the procedure.  We finally decided to fundraise to see if we could earn enough money to help make this dream possible,” Kelsey shared.

So, Kelsey and Tyler took to fundraising and shared with us their experience and journey as they opened up to their community via GiveForward, “The support we got was unbelievable.  I was so amazed by the outpouring of love and support by so many friends, and even some strangers.  There were so many people that shared our fundraiser, and the word spread fast.  We felt so blessed by the support we received.  It was emotional to look at my page each day and see our goal get closer and closer.  It was through the generosity of kind individuals who donated to us, that we were able to go through with the IVF.  Amazingly, we felt support financially, but also emotionally.  These people who donated to us, also shared love, hope, prayers, and support with us all the way through our journey.”

When going through something so emotional and personal, it leaves an impact on you. Kelsey shared with us what their experience brought them, “This experience definitely helped me to realize how much people care about us and our struggles.  I knew we had people who supported us, but seeing the donations really made me understand the extent of love people had for us.  It was so amazing to see how many people really cared, and how much they cared!”

IVF is an option that many couple dealing with infertility look at. Kelsey shared some advice from her and Tyler’s experience for others who are considering IVF, “IVF is an emotionally and financially draining process.  Even though our IVF did not result in a pregnancy, I am glad we did it, because now I know I’ve done everything I can to get pregnant.  And, opening up about the cost and process of IVF through our fundraiser allowed others to understand how demanding infertility is, and to give us support through the process. I would hope other couples would be open to fundraising options to lessen the burden of the cost.”

Finally, since this is such an emotional journey, finding support through it all is important. Kelsey explained how sharing her story with her community helped her stay positive throughout this experience, “I don’t think I would have been able to stay positive through the whole process if it hadn’t been for the support of friends on social media.  Because we were sharing our fundraiser link so often, we felt that those who donated had a right to know how the IVF was progressing, therefore, we were sharing every step of the process.  I felt so blessed and supported by all the well wishes and prayers from loved ones as they responded to our posts.  Because I knew I had so much support, I felt that I could be open and vulnerable with the outcome, and of course, I just received more and more support, even when the IVF failed.  Mostly, I feel that this fundraiser just made us feel so blessed, and we were grateful for all the love and support we have!”

If you would like to learn more about Kelsey and Tyler’s story, you can check out their GiveForward page here.

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