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John’s Heart Transplant Story

John Stawarz has been dealing with heart problems for a while, and after his most recent heart attack, doctors determined he would need a heart transplant. Due to the fact that John would be unable to work, his community stepped up in an incredible way. With the help of a friend, John helped share his heart transplant story with us via video!

When learning about someone’s story, usually you want to know a little bit about them, right? Right. John shared with us a little bit about himself and how he met and became so close with his surfing community.

In the next video, John describes his journey and what he’s going through. He’s had six heart attacks, and now he’s faced with the fact that he has to have a heart transplant. After leading such an active lifestyle, the heart attacks have been taking a toll on how much John is able to do. He went from surfing every weekend leading up to the heart attack to being winded after walking from the living room to his bedroom.

Going through six heart attacks, John has obviously been through a lot. We asked him if he had any advice for those who are going through a situation similar to his. He provided advice about looking for more treatment options and finding a treatment center where you feel comfortable getting treatment.

So, how has GiveForward and John’s community helped him out? John shared a list of awesome ways such as; a stocked refrigerator, a place to live, and the constant support in his fight for his life.

When going through something as severe as six heart attacks, John has had an impact on his life. With GiveForward, his community, and this heart transplant, John’s life has, and will continue to be, impacted. One of the impacts on John’s life was his newfound love of the sunrise. “That is my major goal after this major heart attack. Every morning is like ‘Thank god I get to see the sunrise’,” John shares in the video.

If you’d like to learn more about John’s story and community, you can visit his GiveForward page here.

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