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Jen faces chemo with superhero spirit

Jen Drew-Young didn’t wait until Halloween to dress up this year — she comes costumed to every chemo treatment.

Jen Drew-Young GiveForward

Jen grew up as a gifted athlete who excelled in every sport. But 18 years ago, her body started rebelling. Today, she has trouble standing without pain, and the simple joys of talking and laughing make her feel winded.

Jen’s been a medical mystery for most of her adult life. She’s battling multiple diseases, including lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, and lung disease. To fight the damage caused by these diseases, Jen’s receiving chemo treatments.

Chemo leaves Jen feeling exhausted, but she refuses to let it destroy her spirit. So Jen decided to bring joy to fellow patients, nurses, and doctors by dressing up as superheroes for every appointment. Jen’s appeared as Thor, a Cupid-pig hybrid she dubbed “Cupig,” Glinda the Good Witch, and, of course, Wonder Woman.

Jen does so much to make other people happy — let’s do something nice for her today. Visit Jen’s GiveForward Page and post a photo of your (or your kid’s) Halloween costume!

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