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Introducing the new GiveForward: A letter from our Co-Founder

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Today marks a new chapter in the story of GiveForward – one that takes us beyond crowdfunding to change the very way people connect.

Our company vision has always been to be the first place people turn when a loved one is in need. Since 2008, we’ve helped millions of people provide both emotional and financial support to those they care about facing major life events. We’ve been the only site to offer fundraising coaches to every one of our fundraisers, and the only site to create a Community Fund to offer matching contributions. Along the way, we’ve had thousands of conversations with organizers and donors. With each one, we’ve realized there’s still so much more to be done.

Bottom Line: Crowdfunding just isn’t enough.

We learned that financial pressure is just one component of going through a cancer diagnosis, the loss of a spouse, or the destruction of a home. We learned that both recipients and caregivers feel alone. Friends and families who want to help often feel lost too – unsure of what support may be useful or appropriate, especially if they live far away. What’s more, we learned that people are often juggling multiple online tools and networks to get the support and connection they need.

We had to figure out a way people could connect, give and receive support, and raise money all in one place. So that’s what we built.

We’re so excited to make the new GiveForward available to everyone. From today on, GiveForward Pages will empower anyone to:

  • Send a “Thinking of You” anytime they want someone to know they care
  • Post photos, memories, words of encouragement and more
  • Follow and comment on updates
  • Sign-up to bring or have a meal delivered
  • Send needed items from wishlists
  • Provide financial support through fundraisers

And it’s working! Over the past 8 weeks, 1,650 new GiveFoward Pages have been started during our beta period and we’re seeing a 322% increase in engagement. This means more people are connecting over and over, more people are helping out in more meaningful ways, and more people are getting the kind of support they really need.

Over the coming months, we’ll be rolling out even more ways to give with partners across the country. We invite you to check out the site today and please recommend it to anyone you know who is facing a challenge. When someone you love is going through something difficult, you want to make sure they know they are not alone. While it’s not always possible to be there in person, the new GiveForward makes it easy to take action and show you care, no matter where you are in the world.

Together, we really can do more. Join us! 

– Desiree, Co-Founder of GiveForward


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