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Internet Fundraising Ideas: Turning Tips into Donations

Our blog is FULL of tips to get the ball rolling on your fundraiser. But it can be hard to imagine these tips taking your fundraiser to the next level. So here I am to show you a great example of a fundraiser who took many of our tips, and turned them into donations!

When Marija learned that her niece, Natalija, had been diagnosed with an aggressive brain-stem tumor, she knew that she needed to do something to help. After learning about GiveForward from her sister-in-law, she jumped in and created a fundraiser! Marija made sure to upload adorable pictures of Natalija and wrote a great description of Natalija’s story. Once the fundraiser was published, Marija wasted no time promoting the fundraiser. She sent out personal emails and messages to friends and family asking them to check out her page. Those messages led Natalija’s fundraiser to a great start! The more people that donated and became active with the site, the faster that word spread about Natalija’s fundraiser !

Natalija's friends used internet fundraising ideas to raise $50000

As the fundraiser continued, Marija was very proactive in keeping all of the supporters in-the-know by always adding Updates to her page! Marija wrote about how Natalija was feeling on certain days, how different treatments went, and even let everyone know how much fun Natalija had at Disneyland! By consistently updating the fundraising page, supporters could come along Natalija’s journey.

A couple weeks into the fundraiser, Natalija’s friends and family held an offline event at a local restaurant. The “Help Natalija Reade Fundraising Event” allowed friends, family, and anyone else who wanted to support little Natalija to come together for drinks, food, and fun! They even held a silent auction! Marija made sure to promote the event on her internet fundraising page so that everyone would mark their calendars and attend. While at the event, attendees were shown the GiveForward link and how easy it is to make a donation or leave a hug. Because of all of this, “Help Natalija” is still going strong!

Marija is just one great example of many, many of our users! You are raising money for a great cause, and always remember to feel proud of what you are doing as you continue to promote your fundraiser throughout your campaign! Pictures, Updates and offline events are fantastic ways to continue fundraising efforts after you publish. Be sure to be creative and always keep the fun in FUNdraising! Have you created a unique and fun fundraiser? Let us know! We love hearing how you took our internet fundraising ideas and made them your own =)

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