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How to Write Your Fundraising Details

After you have taken the time to determine your goal, take a moment to think about how to say it. Remember you will be sharing this page with family, friends, & others who may or may not know the full story.  Talk to the beneficiary, the person you are holding the fundraiser for, & see what he or she is comfortable sharing.

Sharing a personal story about a journey through a medical challenge can be very therapeutic for some people. Other individuals would rather keep personal matters to themselves.  Talk with your friend or family member & determine what will be shared & who will be providing updates down the road.

Finally, as the organizer, or the person creating the fundraising page, state why you are passionate about this cause.  Was this friend there for you in the past, or helped you through a tough time? Explain why you believe in this person & others will be inspired as well.

Jessica knew she had to help her sister Missy after Missy was unexpectedly diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Jessica told Missy’s story & described the special place she help in her community & in her family.  Her passionate description excited & engaged family & friends to pass on words of support & encouragement.  Jessica aptly named her fundraiser “Miss Can Do It.”

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