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How to Plan a Fundraising Event: Halloween Edition

Planning a fundraising event  is a great way to support a loved one in need, and when those fundraising efforts coincide with a holiday, it’s also a great reason to throw a Halloween themed fundraising event!  Many successful online fundraisers plan offline fundraising events, and use their GiveForward page to let those who cannot attend show their support.

While fundraising event planning may seem difficult, here are two great examples of creative & easy ways that you can hold a fundraising event and supplement your GiveForward fundraising:

Dan’s Friends Plan A Fundraising Event

Dan Goodman is battling metastatic colon cancer.  As a new grandpa, worrying about his medical expenses is the last thing he wants to do.  So, his family and friends banded together to start a GiveForward fundraiser in his honor. It’s very clear that Dan is a “good man” indeed, since his loved ones have already donated over $3,500 to his online fundraiser!

Dan’s daughter, Liz, organized a Halloween fundraiser event in his honor and shared the event on Facebook to help promote the party: Dan the Good Man Cancer Benefit & Halloween Party They found a local venue,  to hold the event,and organized live music, door prizes, raffles, and of course, a costume contest!  The family created flyers for the fundraising event that included the link to their GiveForward fundraiser for those who could not attend.

Fundraising Events are Great For Pets

After years of neglect and abuse, Deuce was saved from euthanasia when he was rescued by his forever family.  Even after Deuce warmed up to his new family and melted their hearts, it was clear that the abuse that he endured had long term effects, and his ability to walk was severely affected. To help pay for the surgery for Deuce’s two torn ACLs and to remove the fluid in his knees, his owners turned to GiveForward for financial support from friends, family, and even strangers!

When the family wanted to plan a fundraising event for Deuce, they found help from a local dog wash. Woody’s Dog Wash & Boutique generously offered to sponsor Deuce in their annual Howl-O-Ween Pawty & Pet Costume Parade.  All proceeds from baths went directly to Deuce, and friends and family in attendance enjoyed adorable furry friends dressed in Halloween pet costumes! Deuce’s friends promoted the event on Meetup to encourage other local dog lovers involved in the fundraising event.

Planning fundraising events around holidays like Halloween, Christmas or St.Patrick’s Day is a great way to give your fundraiser the boost or momentum it needs to reach its goal! We wish you a happy and safe Halloween! And P.S. if you happen to have pictures of your pets dressed up in costume, feel free to bring us a little unexpected joy and send them to!


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