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How to Talk to School Parents About Your Child’s Differences

Starting school can be a difficult experience for parents & kids, but it can be even more challenging when your child is considered different.  We wanted to share this great post by our friend Jen Reeves, blogger at Born Just Right, on how she deals with the questions that come with the start of the school year.

Jen Lee Reeves is a mom of two kids, Cameron and Jordan – Jordan was born with a limb difference or as Jen says, she was “born just right”.  Jen runs an advocate site while also teaching at the Missouri School of Journalism and helping to manage an NBC affiliate newsroom. This is Jen’s post about how to tackle school  and all the questions that can come along with starting a new school year.

We jumped into our first full week of school and it seems like Jordan is getting into the flow very comfortably. She does this to me. We head into a huge transition and she just flows into it.

Her teacher says things are going well… Most kids are very understanding of Jordan’s difference. Her biggest problems on the playground lately has just been her strong-willed personality butting up against strong-willed boys who try to boss her around. All-in-all things are going really well.

Earlier in the week, the school sent out a letter I wrote for Randy and I to all of the parents of Kindergarten kids. That’s every parent, not just the parents of kids in Jordan’s class. I had written it from the guidance of a letter that was pre-written from a Litte Fins club member in Minnesota. We modified ours and told a few things about this site and Jordan’s characteristics. What stinks is the version that was used mention’s Jordan’s little RIGHT arm… when it’s her little LEFT arm. Whoops. Well… the message was probably more important that the specific arm.

I have rewritten the letter so anyone can rewrite it for their family’s needs. I feel terrible for swiping it from another parent who made it available… but I honestly can’t find the original link where I downloaded the letter. If anyone knows where I found it, please leave a comment and I’ll update this post.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the letter. If you click on the link to this letter, you can choose to download it in a .docx or .txt format so you can rewrite it and use it at your school! Thanks to Born Just Right reader Melissa for requesting this letter so she can use it too!

By the way – if you’d like to see some of the other ways we prepared for Kindergarten, check out this post.

To read this post on Jen’s site, Born Just Right, click here.  For more tips, take a look at the additional ways they prepped for school here.

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