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Raise Money for a Transplant

When Ken found out his friend Jason needed a kidney transplant, he stepped up to donate.  And when it turned out Ken wasn’t a transplant match, he looked for another way to help.

Raising money for transplant surgery is an incredible way to help a loved one.  You may not be able to be your loved one’s transplant donor, but anyone can give emotional and financial support.

Jason’s story started when he was 14 and diagnosed with kidney disease.  Over the next few years, the disease progressed, eventually putting Jason on kidney dialysis three times a week. The time had finally come and he was in need of a transplant surgery.

He looked high and low for transplant donors, with two people coming forward to help but no matches.  At one point, Jason was on four transplant lists in Florida.  Then finally, Jason found a match.

After years of waiting, TODAY is day of Jason’s transplant surgery.  If you take a look at his page you can see his loved ones sending notes of support as he prepares for to receive his transplant.  Why not join the love-fest?  Head over there yourself, leave a ‘hug’ for Jason and send him some well wishes on his big day!

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