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How to Help Victims of the Colorado Shooting

When a crisis occurs, many people ask what they can do to help.  Recently, we’ve seen more and more people turning to sites like GiveForward to send support in the wake of a tragedy like the shootings in Colorado.  We have been so moved by the stories of heroism and the outpouring of support from the community that we wanted to take a moment share a few of the stories we have seen.


As one of the 12 victims who died during the shooting, Matt McQuinn’s story has become well known. Matt was attending the Dark Knight premiere with his girlfriend when the gunman entered the theater and began shooting.  As the shooter approached them, Matt, 27, dove in front of his girlfriend to protect her.  He was shot 3 times.  After his passing, Matt’s friends and family rallied together to create an online memorial and send support to his family.  Matt was laid to rest on Saturday and the notes of support from people who couldn’t attend the service have flooded into his page.  Since starting the fundraiser just ten days ago, they have raised over $12,000 in Matt’s memory.


Josh Nowlan is being called a hero by all who know him.  Josh, a father and Navy veteran who served in Iraq, was in the theater with friends during the shooting at the Dark Knight Rises premiere in Aurora, Colorado.  When the gunman advanced towards his group, Josh threw himself in front of his friends, newlyweds Brandon & Denise.  Josh was shot twice, but his friends were not hurt.  Thankfully, Josh’s injuries were not life-threatening but he does have a long road to recovery ahead of him.  He has already had 4 surgeries and been in the hospital for over 10 days now, with no ETA on his discharge.  But Josh’s friends and family have come together to provide a light in a dark situation, and they have raised over $5,000 for Josh, with donations coming in from friends, family and complete strangers who have heard of Josh’s heroism.


Bryson Billapando and his wife attended the the 12:05am showing of the Dark Knight Rises with two of their friends.  When the shooter entered the theater and began his attack, Bryan and his wife were hurt but they were lucky enough to escape with minor injuries but sadly one of their good friends was killed during the attack.  When their loved ones heard about the shooting and that the Billapandos were involved, they immediately rallied to gather support for the young couple.  They have since raised over $5,000 from dozens of donors who sent words of love and support from across the country.

From the whole GiveForward staff, we are keeping everyone impacted by this tragedy in our thoughts and hope that the outpouring of support from across the globe can provide some peace to the families involved.

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