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Help After House Fire

Love begins at home, so help others after a house fire. - help after house fireAssistance after a house fire can take a long time, and rarely provide adequate help.  Mark and Leslie Wharton know this far too well.  The two carpenters literally built a home together 19 years ago near Fort Collins, Colorado.

They lived there happily, kayaking, climbing and hiking, until a recent fire took their home.  “We built it with our two hands, the two of us. So it’s more than just our house, it’s our life’s creativity.  It’s very difficult,” said Leslie.  That was when Mark and Leslie’s friends stepped in to help after the house fire and show them how much they love them.

A friend started this fundraising page to cover out-of-pocket costs due to the High Park Fire, and the Wharton’s house fire.  In just one week, they surpassed their $2,000 goal.  Meanwhile, a Facebook page was also created to continue gathering other forms of support and house fire help.

But the Whartons aren’t the only ones who lost their home to the High Park fire, which continues to burn today.  Thousands of residents have been evacuated from Larimer County canyons and over 189 homes have been destroyed.

How can you help after house fires?  There are a few ways to offer assistance:

  • Take action yourself.  Often an unexpected crisis like a hosue fire can leave people unsure of what to do next.  Asking what you can do to help won’t be as effective as you assessing the situation and assigning yourself a task.  Start small like cooking them dinner.
  • For immediate needs, put together a bag of toiletries like toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and other necessities.  Alternately, check out amazing groups like Tara’s Totes who can provide families with emergency kits after a family fire.
  • Gift cards to clothing stores, restaurants, drug stores etc. are a great way to help after a house fire and can be saved for later.
  •  Start a fundraising page on GiveForward for any costs assistance after a house fire that may not be covered by insurance.

These are just a few ways to help after a house fire – what do you suggest?

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