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How To Cross The Street: A Tutorial From Lou

Yesterday, we met an amazing little guy named ‘Lou.  ‘Lou is 4 & 1/2 years old, and has 4 big siblings who look out for him.  Sometimes ‘Lou needs someone to help him, especially when he is eating.

‘Lou was born with with severe food allergies, and it makes eating very difficult (and expensive, click here to donate).  But he doesn’t let it get him down:


But here at GiveForward, our favorite part of meeting ‘Lou was getting a chance to see the awesome videos that he makes.   Watch how he crosses the street:


Of course, we decided that ‘Lou’s strategy for crossing the street was pretty ingenious and quite important for safety – if cars can’t see you, at least they’ll hear you!  So GiveForward immediately adopted the strategy ourselves:


Luckily, ‘Lou approves of our street crossing:

Want to see more from ‘Lou or donate to help him get to Denver for treatment? Check out his fundraising page here.  You can also leave him a “hug” and let him know how YOU cross the street.

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