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How Long Should Your Fundraiser Last?

Today we discuss the length of a fundraiser and how this can optimize you online fundraiser.  Remember, all this week you can get our Free Fundraising Guide

KISS: Keep it Short Silly

Any runner knows you can’t sprint a marathon.   And here at GiveForward, we have found that having a shorter campaign can actually lead to a better fundraiser.  While you may be tempted to extend the deadline for 3 or 4 months, here are three reasons you should keep it short!

1)      Focus your efforts

By keeping your fundraiser shorter, you are going to dedicate your effort in a small time fame.  Make a plan to update, or reach out once a week.  That plan is going to be easier to stick to for a month than for half a year.

2)      Keep momentum going

The longer the fundraiser, the harder it is for people to stay engaged.   We find 30 day campaigns are the best to raise awareness, gather donations, and keep in touch.  Longer than a month can result in lag times where there is little activity on your GiveForward page.

3)      Create urgency

We all know life gets busy.  Many people may have the best intensions to show support, but if they think they have two or three months, they may wait and ultimately not donate.

While we find a 30-day fundraiser works for most, do what is right for you! As always, let us know if we can help you make this decision! We are always reachable on Facebook or Twitter.

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