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Helping Friends: Add Any Need

We at GiveForward have the pleasure of reading through the pages of our site every day, watching groundswells of good-hearted souls helping friends and loved ones. We’ve learned a lot about helping friends from you, and we’d like to make that experience even easier.

For a long time now we’ve seen that the best way to get what you need is to be specific about what will help the most right now. So a few days ago, we launched the first of many features meant to encourage the most giving, in the most helpful ways:

Current Needs

Asking For Help - Add Any Need - Helping Friends

For now, it’s a new way to say what a lot of you already do in your GiveForward stories. We’ve seen you go into detail about what funds raised will be used for, which can be a great guide for how much someone should donate, and it’s literally paid off well. We’ve also seen requests for help with common household chores, or donations of various items, for families with bigger fish to fry; this is particularly good information for those wanting to help but unable to donate money.

By dedicating space for these needs, we hope to draw the attention of your devoted community and help to answer the first thing on any of our minds – “How can I help?” – but it’s only the first piece of a whole giving revolution. As needs evolve, so too will the features around them, and the people who respond to those calls.

When it comes to helping friends facing a challenge, we want to be the easiest solution for everyone involved. Our mission is to make asking for help easier, so that we make giving easier too. Give us your $.02 at, or follow our progress on our very own GiveForward page.

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