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What Is Giving Tuesday?


Number crunchers anticipate Americans will spend a record $89 billion shopping online this holiday season. That’s a lotta digital dough.

While it’s fun to purchase thoughtful gifts for your loved ones around the holidays, is doing so truly an act of giving? defines giving as “to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation.”

Chances are the people you plan to shop for are also those from whom you expect to receive gifts. If that’s the case, giving ultimately takes on a yucky, transactional, consumerist vibe, doesn’t it?

Giving Tuesday’s goal is to change that.

In Black Friday and Cyber Monday’s predatory wake, Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to true giving. Giving Tuesday’s goal is to boost humanity rather than the economy.

So, how can you participate? On Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, December 2nd, 2014), give time or money to a cause or person you care about. Buy a trailing customer’s morning coffee to warm and brighten her winter day. Rake your grandparents’ residual leaves before snow blankets their yard. Contribute cash to a non-profit that researches and increases awareness for a disease affecting a loved one.

Or, find a GiveForward Recipient who inspires you:

$10 treats Chris to lunch at his overpriced hospital cafeteria.

$25 covers a day of Jim & Brandi’s living expenses post-motorcycle-accident.

$90 buys Darla a day off work while she fights breast cancer.

$150 will pay for a night at Patsy’s hotel during her clinical trial.

$500 is Nancy’s monthly COBRA payment.

$600 affords ALS patient John a Vitamix so he can eat through a feeding tube.

Acts of true giving take place every day on GiveForward, but Giving Tuesday is a wonderful time to reflect on how both small and large gifts make great impacts. Share your Giving Tuesday moments with us by using the hashtags #GivingTuesday and #GiveForward.

Now, go forth and give!

Whose world will you change?