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At GiveForward, we feel fortunate to be a platform for so much giving.  As we close in on raising $20 million in funding, we wanted to thank you for sharing your stories, your triumphs, and your generosity with us.  Thank you for creating unexpected joy for the 22 thousand individuals who have used GiveForward.

What really moves us is when we see individuals helping to further the cause.  And that is exactly what Jamil Newirth did.  Jamil is a really smart, active and fun guy from Hawaii who also happens to have cancer- a malignant brain tumor.   He and his family used GiveForward to raise funds to cover his medical expenses and to update his friends about his progress.

Jamil’s most recent update went beyond letting his friends know his surgery went well.  He urged his friends and family to donate to another cause, helping a little girl facing leukemia get her dream back yard.

I am also asking that any new visitors thinking of donating, please instead donate to this super cool little girl.  Or if you are not a new visitor and you happen to have a few extra bucks lying around:

It would bring me much more pleasure to see her get the best backyard in the world and selfishly, I am hoping for an invite to come check it out when it is done.  Alright, many thanks again and I hope to see everyone soon enough.   All the best – Jamil

Learn more about Jamil and his incredible story and read more about Emily’s random act of kindness as earned him the distinct title of Emily’s Guardian Angel.  He is truly spreading the love and creating unexpected joy for Emily and her family.


UPDATE:  Emily’s family wanted to personally thank Jamil

Im sure you have noticed my fundraiser for my niece was going kinda slow…then one day I recieved a email with a donation from a total stranger by the name of Jamil. I have never met Jamil but let me tell you what I do know about him. He is also sick and raising money for misc medical costs..he wrote on his page that instead of donationg to him to check out my page for Emily and donate to her. What an amazing gesture! Because of him we have over $2000.00!! I will never be able to repay him or his friends for what they have done for me and my family! It brings tears to my eyes to know there are still people in this world that Love one Another! And Jamil if you are reading this I hope you will be able to join us for Emilys back yard reveal the end of September! Then you will be able to meet Emily and watch her play in her new back yard! :) From the bottom of my heart thank you again to EVERYONE!

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