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Giving Back and Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Holiday giving is giving back with meaning. As Henry James once said,“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.”

The effort to recapture the true meaning and importance of the holiday spirit begins with each of us. It is important to take the time during the holiday season to give to those people who are in need. Whether you donate time or money giving back is beneficial and not just for the recipients.

Giving Back through the Power of Fundraising

This holiday season, encourage your friends and family to give smart. Whether you’re starting a new fundraiser or trying to spruce one up, if you want to further engage potential donors and improve your fundraising appeal consider a seasonal theme. Why not try something fun and inventive and build your campaign around the holidays?  Additionally, give your campaign a sense of urgency by highlighting and reiterating the importance of giving back during the holidays.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Tis the season to give! A Network for Good Online Giving Study showed:

  • December donors tend to give 52 percent more than donors in other months.
  • 33 percent of the year’s donations are collected in December.

According to the study, “December is the strongest month for most organizations offline. It’s even more so online. Further, it’s not just the month of December that’s spectacular, it’s the last couple of days, and even last few hours that make the difference.”

How to Get the Most Out of this Year’s Giving Season

In order to spark the generosity, give potential donors the opportunity to help. Emotions are the center of the holiday season. People want to give back to a worthy cause and one that is close to their heart; all you have to do is reach out and make the ask. Focus your ask on your personal story; keep it simple and straightforward, but, as always, honest. Inspiration encourages participation.

Try to increase fundraising results by tying a tangible gift to specific donation amounts. Rather than letting the donor decide how much he or she will give, give them a little guidance. Make it real and fun by communicating the impact of different donation amounts; you might sway donors to dig a little deeper into their wallets.

Giving back is not only a chance to help others, it’s also one of the biggest gifts someone can give themselves. Be persistent, people want to help, but it is pretty easy to get caught in the rush of things, especially during the holidays. It is likely that the potential donor wasn’t ignoring your support request, rather simply forgot. Everyone’s guilty of forgetting to respond to emails that are buried at the bottom of an inbox.

Pro Tips When Asking for Donations

It is not very common for random people to surf GiveForward looking for awesome fundraising campaigns. This means that donors did not just come across a campaign and decide to donate. So if you don’t tell people about your fundraising campaign, they will not find it and donate, and you will not hit your goal. So don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your story!

The best way to spread giving back cheer is by singing loud for all to hear.

Share updates about your fundraiser through email and social media; this includes goal updates. When people see how much you have raised and how close or far away you are from reaching your goal they will be more inclined to donate. People like knowing they helped you reach that magical number, especially during the holidays. Encourage your supporters to reach out to their family and friends. Without support it is nearly impossible to turn your project into a success.

Send a holiday card (via mail or ecard) with a message that is unforgettable. Don’t forget to include information about fundraising campaign (name, story and end date and how to donate) along with a personal thank you.

And remember, for many the holiday’s = shopping. So feel free to politely remind friends and family that giving back is an even more worthwhile option when spending their holiday dollars.

No matter the season, at the core of all giving is compassion and love—and it grows the more you give. Northwestern University students show a great example of just how simple giving back can be.

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Happy Holidays to all. Wishing you as much joy as humanly possible, The GiveForward Team!

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