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Fundraising Plan: Plan an Event

A Fundraising Plan to plan an event should include both online and offline efforts.

Holding an offline event can be a great way to rally the community & increase donations. Remember, include a link to your GiveForward page on all flyers, invitations, or websites where you promote the event. It is a great way to show other ways people can help if they can’t make the event and is a great part of a full fundraising plan.

An event fundraising plan should include how large the fundraising event will be, and how will attend.

Here are 5 tips on how to plan an event.

1)    Make the fundraising event fun!  

Ask yourself, is this something I would have fun doing?  Pick a fundraising activity that is funny, new, or inspiring! GiveForward All – star April head a bachelor auction! Not your typical Saturday activity!

2Fundraising Plan: plan an event)    Plan a fundraising event everyone can participate in 

A great way to get the entire community involved is to make the activity family friendly.  Organizers for Joseph held a charity dodgeball event!

3)    Find the right ticket price

Review 3 things when determining ticket price for the event:

  • the cost to hold the event
  • the amount of each ticket that will support your fundraiser
  • how much people would be willing to pay for this event

Remember, an event can help raise funds, but it can also awareness & get a community interested – important for the bigger fundraising plan.

4)    Advertise!

The work doesn’t stop with planning an event.  Post flyers, send emails & create an event on Facebook to spread the word.  Selling tickets early & at the door can increase participation.

5)    Have fun!

Enjoy the event & have fun! Part of your fundraising plan should include taking photos to share on GiveForward & on Facebook.

Need help starting a fundraiser to go alongside your fundraising event? Create a crowdfunding page on GiveForward, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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