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Fundraising for Mom with GiveForward and Halloween Facepaint

When Elizabeth Dean was diagnosed with lung cancer, her son fought hard to find a way to show her the unconditional love and dedication she had shown him growing up.  Elizabeth’s patience and kindness was most perfectly displayed by her willingness to act as her son’s personal canvas for his childhood dream of being a Hollywood horror movie make-up artist.

Every year without fail, when Halloweentime came around, Elizabeth Dean allowed her son to express his love of this gory holiday by transforming her from a beautiful women to a scary villain.

20 years later, Elizabeth’s son is not creating gruesome creatures next to Wes Craven or John Carpenter,  instead, he is alongside his mother as she goes through the battle of her life- a battle that no mask or make-up can help fight. Together with his friends and family, he has been able to raise over $6,400 for Elizabeth’s expenses on with his online fundraiser, Support Elizabeth Dean.

Elizabeth does not have insurance. Her and her husband have been doing everything they can to make ends meet while trying to focus on battling something much scarier than any Halloween villian: cancer.  Please send her some spooky good vibes and eerie virtual hugs to let her know that she’s not fighting alone!

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