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Fundraising for Mom in Honor of Mother’s Day

There is only one day a year dedicated to the loving mothers that care for us so selflessly, when in reality, they spend much more time being caregivers than we give them credit for.  Estimates of the percentage of family or informal caregivers who are women range from 59% to 75%, and the average caregiver is age 46, female, married and working outside the home earning an annual income of $35,000, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance.

Because moms are known to put the needs of others in front of their own, it is understandable that they have trouble asking for help when they are the one who needs care and support.  In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we are highlighting fundraisers that are supporting their mothers going through a medical crisis.  For these three moms, the overwhelming financial and emotional support that their loved ones have shown on their GiveForward page will be better than any card or candy:

The children of Marilyn Gross (AKA Lady M)  have all come together to raise $5,500 so far for her battle against a rare form of kidney cancer. Her pre-surgery mantra: “I Believe I will kick ass. I Know I will kick ass. I Will kick ass!”

Betty Goldberg‘s son, Christopher, says “I’m simply a desperate son trying to help his mom live her last days in relative peace.” He has raised almost $10,500 for at-home dialysis treatments for her to be closer to her family.

While Brenda Flowers is bravely fighting breast cancer AND caring for her 86 year old mother, her 4 children and 11 grandchildren have secretly raised over $8,000, and plan to surprise her on Mother’s Day with the news of the fundraiser.

If you know a mother/caregiver who is in need of some emotional and financial help, consider starting a GiveForward page for them to let the love and support last for more than just one day. Consider honoring your own mom by making a donation to one of these deserving mothers or any other project on GiveForward in her name.


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