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Fundraiser Video Challenge in Honor of World Give Day!

World Give Day (May 4th) is an annual day that encourages the culture of giving.  We at GiveForward were inspired to create World Give Day because we are lucky enough to work in an industry where we see people who give of themselves every day.  The goal of World Give Day is to mobilize world-wide philanthropy in a way that has never been done before.

Though there are already ample ways to participate in World Give Day, we’re launching a new fundraising contest for GiveForward users to satisfy those with competitive tendencies.

During the week leading up to World Give Day, fundraisers can participate in the World Give Day Video Challenge, where users post videos on YouTube explaining their cause.  The fundraiser whose video has the most views will win a $250 contribution from GiveForward. The winning entry also will be featured on GiveForward’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and displayed at the very top of our Facebook page for one week.

There are a few rules to be eligible to win the World Give Day Video Challenge:

  • Must have a public fundraiser on
  • Must have or create a youtube account to post video
  • Video must be 1-3 minutes in length
  • Include “WGD Video Challenge” in video title
  • All entries must be sent to no later than 2pm Friday April 27th.
  • Number of views are not counted if they are not within the contest run time April 27th-May 4th (regardless of when they were initially uploaded)

This is a great opportunity to both promote your fundraiser through video and support World Give Day.  Your video should briefly describe your fundraiser and share your thoughts on giving.  Remember, the video with the most views will win, so get those creative juices flowing to catch everyone’s eye!

To participate, send your Youtube video link, as well as a link to your fundraiser to no later than 2 PM on Friday, April 27th.

We will add your video to the World Give Day Video Challenge playlist, and keep track of the number views.  We will count the views from Friday, April 27th to Friday, May 4th at 2 PM and present the victorious video on World Give Day!

This contest is a great way to integrate video into your fundraiser and cool way to see other fundraisers on the GiveForward website.  So grab your camera, boot up your webcam, and get ready for your close up! Enter GiveForward’s World Give Day Video Challenge!!

Also, be sure to join the World Give Day discussion by visiting our blog series or following @WorldGiveDay on Twitter.  There’s certainly no shortage of ways to contribute to World Give Day, so go forth and smother the universe in acts of giving!

If you have any questions about rules or participation, feel free to contact a World Give Day expert at

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