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Fundraise With Video: Why engagement leads to donations

Film evokes emotions like no other media can. Whether the video is funny, inspirational or heartwarming, viewers can’t help but relate.  The warm and fuzzy feelings brought on by watching a video often translate into action, and for a fundraising website, that means donations. Fundraisers with photos and videos are 41% more likely to reach their fundraising goals than pages without media.

Still need convincing?  Check out this video from Cate, our Director of Marketing, on two reasons why you should use video in your fundraising:

Why you should fundraise with video

Creating & Posting a Video

Video gives you a chance to speak directly to donors and express why this fundraiser is so important to you.  With cameras being built into smartphones and laptops, it has gotten much easier to take a few seconds and record a message to people visiting your GiveForward page.

When creating a video, take a minute and jot down some notes on what you’d like to say.  Don’t worry about reading from a script, the best videos are messages that come from the heart, but it is important to make sure you know what you want to say so that your video can be short, sweet, and to the point.

The best place to start with your message is by explaining why this fundraiser is important to you and why you think visitors to your fundraising page should give.

Check out this tutorial  on how to post videos on YouTube.

How to Post a Video

Share a video is just as easy as recording one.  Check out this tutorial  on how to post videos on YouTube, and here are the steps to adding a video to your GiveForward page:

1) On the “Photos, Videos & Links” tab  of your create a fundraiser dashboard, scroll down to the second option: Embed a YouTube Video
2) Write a description in the box labeled: “Enter a title for your video”
3) Copy the url link (ie. from your YouTube video website into the box labeled: “

3) Click “Add Video.”  A screenshot and description will appear at the bottom of the section.

4) People can now watch your video!

Video Fundraising, GiveForward Style

Need some inspiration?  Here are some videos GiveForward fundraisers have used to tell their stories, make us laugh, and inspire giving.

Adding a video to your personal fundraising page can be a great way to connect with donors. If you’ve got a good sense of humor, a funny video can be very effective. If humor is not your shtick, a video that is heartwarming or inspirational works equally well. Remember that the video doesn’t have to be fancy in order to be effective. So if you’re not exactly Steven Spielberg, don’t sweat it. Simply standing in front of the camera and telling people why you are raising money can be very compelling. In the end, whatever you end up doing, remember it’s best to keep it short (1-3 min) and to the point. Check out the GiveForward Fundraising Bootcamp for more tips on using media like videos to maximize your fundraiser’s success.

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