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Friday Roundup: Top #GiveForward Moments of the Week of October 23, 2015

Every day, we see so many awesome moments and examples of communities coming together on GiveForward to give and receive meaningful support. These stories touch our hearts and remind us that no one should ever face life’s challenges alone. Here are a few of our favorite #GiveForward moments of the week.

1. Nate gets his power wheelchair!

Nate Miller is a happy, inquisitive four-year-old boy. He has spina bifida and is unable to walk, crawl or use a manual wheelchair. This year, Nate’s community rallied on GiveForward to buy him a power wheelchair, which he received on October 15th. As you can see, Nate’s pretty pumped about his new wheels and independence!

Nate in Koala power wheelchair

2. Jeremy Camp plays benefit concert for Alan

Popular Christian musician and songwriter Jeremy Camp held a benefit concert for Alan Dickson this week. Alan’s son-in-law, Adam Cappa, is Jeremy’s friend and a fellow musician. Jeremy and Adam performed at Central Church of Christ in Little Rock, Arkansas to raise money for Alan’s fight against glioblastoma.


3. Tsatis family gives forward in memory of Maxwell

On June 4th, Maxwell Pogers passed away after a battle with leukemia. On what would have been his first birthday, Maxwell’s family encouraged his community to give forward to others in his memory. This idea inspired the Tsatis family to donate to Lincoln Dahlstrom, another baby on GiveForward who’s fighting cancer.


4. Jake raises $572 in pumpkin sales for Wyatt

Wyatt Hanisch is an eight-year-old who loves fishing, football, and working on his great-grandpa’s pickup truck with his dad. After Wyatt was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor, his friend, Jake VanHout, decided to raise money for him by selling pumpkins. Jake’s fundraiser raked in $572 to help Wyatt fight cancer!


Did you experience a #GiveForward moment this week? Email to tell us about it!

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