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Friday Roundup: Top #GiveForward Moments of the Week of October 16, 2015

Every day, communities come together on GiveForward to give and receive meaningful support. These awesome moments touched our hearts this week and reminded us that no one should ever face life’s challenges alone.

1. Ireland celebrates her heart birthday!

After over 140 days of waiting, seven-year-old Ireland Larson got her new heart on October 11th. Before her transplant, Ireland shared her feelings in a video and her mom sent a touching note to her donor: “May the donor family be lifted up with some peace knowing their child lives on in our daughter’s life. Our families will forever be woven together! Life beats on!!!”


2. Brad and Monica give forward for Blake Triplets

On October 8th, the Blake Triplets were born three months early. Four years ago, when Brad and Monica’s granddaughter was born prematurely, the Blakes let the family stay in their home near the NICU. To give forward, Brad and Monica donated $500 to the Blakes’ page. 

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3. Jennifer’s community raises $122,000+ in one week

Jennifer Granek was recently involved in an ATV accident while celebrating her 40th birthday in Costa Rica. In less than a week, Jennifer’s community has raised over $122,000 to fly her to Baltimore via air ambulance so she can receive better care near her family. 


4. Ronda Rousey records heartfelt video for Steve

MMA fighter Steve Watts became paralyzed after suffering spinal cord damage during an April 2014 fight. This week, fellow MMA fighter Ronda Rousey sent Steve a video to show her admiration for his hard work and remind him to keep the faith.

Did you experience a #GiveForward moment this week? Email to tell us about it!

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