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Flood in Colorado Strengthens Communities

Last week’s flood in Colorado caused devastation to property, environmental distress, and heartbreak among families. As Coloradans cope with the effects of their state’s staggering rainfall, many are seeking the assistance of personal networks in their recoveries. Numerous families, communities, and businesses began fundraising pages to help rebuild their lives while facing hardships.

Tyra Sutak is Events and Partnership Coordinator at Oskar Blues, a popular brewery located in Longmont. In the wake of the flood in Colorado, Tyra saw the opportunity to rally the Brewery’s extensive community of employees, friends, and fans. She started a fundraiser “to provide immediate help for the folks that keep the beer tasty, the customers happy, and the wheels turning at the crazy company we all call home.” The resultant outpouring of gifts provides security for not only Oskar Blues’s, but relief for Longmont and Lyons residents, too. As one supporter writes, “ it may not feel like it now .. but YOU WILL come back bigger and stronger than ever .. with a new found sense of worth and community.”

Flood in Colorado - O'Brien Family

Friends and co-workers help the O’Briens recover after the recent flood in Colorado.

Chad and Kristen O’Brien’s Flood Relief Fund similarly involves co-workers uniting after Colorado’s flooding. Madeline Wessel and her team at Massage Specialists are fundraising for their colleagues, Chad & Kristen, and their young family of five. The flood in Colorado caused severe damage to not only the O’Briens’ home, but also their two vehicles. Like many families trying to recover, Chad, Kristen, and their three sons do not have flood insurance. Fortunately, they are all safe and have friends offering assistance through Madeline’s fundraiser.

Tragically, some families have lost loved ones due to the flood in Colorado. Gerry Boland was missing for a week before search teams discovered his body yesterday about a half mile from his home. As Gerry’s wife, Cheron, and the rest of his loved ones cope with his passing, their many friends are showing support through a fundraiser called The Boland Family Fund. Gerry, a teacher for over 30 years, made a strong, lasting impact on his community. Although “the Boland’s lives have been torn to pieces,” the many lives Gerry touched are working to restore them.

To explore more families and communities creating hope after the flood in Colorado, please visit our Colorado Flooding Relief Page.

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